Monday, December 8, 2014

December Update!

Hello All!

This month has already been crazy busy.  My 8th anniversary with my boyfriend was yesterday, as well as my holiday party for work.  I had to go early to help set up and we didn’t get out of there until quite late.  This is also the month that my best friend finally ties the knot! I am absolutely so excited and honored to be a bridesmaid.  

She gets married at the end of this month, but it feels like it’s next week!  I still need to finish her wedding present, which I will probably put up a DIY or blog post for after I have finished it.  I made her a little “housewife kit” basket for her bridal shower including lots of trinkets and things that you need in the kitchen. I could also make a short post about what I put in there!  

Around Christmas everything will get super crazy.  Christmas Eve is the biggest day of the year for my Dad’s side of the family and we always have dinner followed by presents.  This year my family agreed to have lunch instead of dinner, so that I can go to my best friend’s Mehndi, which is an event before her wedding, where henna is put on and fun times are to be had by all! I think that sentence describes pretty well that I’ve never been to one.  Then Christmas Day I have morning and presents with my immediate family, followed by Christmas morning at my boyfriend’s house as well. Then we go to my Grandma’s house and do presents there.  Then I’m supposed to go back to my best friend’s house and spend the night, as the next day is her wedding!

The day of her wedding they are having professionals do the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup, which I’m super excited about, because I’ve never had both done for me! 

If I make it through those three days, I will come out a stronger person! LOL! Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound that jam packed to everyone else, but I am extremely excited and a little nervous. 

There’s a little December update for you!