Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Bought a Car! ♥

Hello Lovelies!♥

Just a bit of news I wanted to write about!

My boyfriend and I bought a new car! A Kia Forte EX GDI.♥

After years and years of driving decrepit old cars that did nothing but break down on me and leave me stranded, I finally have something reliable, safe, and brand new.

The first car I ever drove was a Ford Thunderbird....and it was not cute.  I often compared driving it to driving a boat.  It was huge and really low to the ground.  The car was a mess honestly.

On New Year's my mom decided that she wanted to drive the Thunderbird, and I got the Mustang.  More specifically, it was a 1989 v8 Ford Mustang convertible with a 5.0 something something.  It's all fancy to talk about to people who know cars, but to me it was just the beast that left me stranded more times than I could count.  Only the passenger window rolled down, the battery had a temper, the whole thing smelled like cigarettes, & nicotine rained down on me every time the sky did.  It was not air tight nor water tight, and had the touchiest gas pedal you've ever felt.  I named it the Go-stang, because it drove more like a go-kart, and I loved it.

Last year around this time, I was given my grandma's 2002 Mitsubishi Montero as a hand-me-down.  I was overjoyed.  Sure, it took a lot of gas, but so did the Mustang!  It was high off the ground and a lot of fun to drive.  It felt safe.  It was ruby red with a tan leather interior.  It burned oil like no other.  Soon I realized the mustang was probably twice as fuel efficient as the Montero.  It's brakes started to give out.  Some part flew off of it and left me on the side of the road.  The brakes got much much worse & would often be delayed by 5 seconds before they would start working.  It turns out it had some magical part Mitsubishi only put in the 2012 model, and cost loads to fix.  We didn't know what to do, but every time I stepped in that car it got more dangerous.

One of my friends brought up the possibility of leasing a pre-owned car.  My boyfriend Dave and I decided to go check out the sales from the holiday weekend.  One thing led to another and we ended up buying a new car!


I never thought I'd get a Kia, but I love it soooo much.  It's the greatest car!

This was the first picture I sent after signing the papers.  A picture of my new key that I sent to my best friend!

We went home to show it off and to get help taking the old car back.  I showed my whole family, except my dad, who was at work.  I sent him this picture so he knew what was up!

Get ready, a lot more pictures of my car are coming :p

I fell in love with the graphite color, which was only available on the EX GDI model of the Kia Forte.  We decided to go with this model because of the color, as well as other features.  It has a bigger, better engine.  It has a back-up camera.  It has better seats and a lot of little differences in the looks of it.  It also has the low profile tires.

I. Love. This. Car.

Such a low odometer reading! ♥

Dave and I with the new baby.  This was the first picture I put up of it.  We bought it together and it was important to me that we were both in it.  Dave doesn't drive, which is his own choice.  We drive everywhere together, and I drop him off at work before driving to mine.  We are a one car family.

One thing I have noticed, is that family and friends think Dave bought this car for me, or he bought it and I just drive it.  They don't seem to think I contribute at all to it. Sure, Dave makes more money than me, but we bought this car together. It's ours. Both of our names are on all of the information for it.

I just had to share!

P.S. What kind of car do you drive? What is your dream car? :]