Saturday, June 18, 2016

New stickers from A Happy Blue Tree!

Hello all! 

I recently bought some new stickers for my planner and wanted to share them with you! I bought them on etsy and the seller's name is A Happy Blue Tree. 

I love this sheet of nail polishes. It was really inexpensive and there's a ton! I love the color variety. It will make color matching super easy!

Again, I love the color variety here! These can be used for hair cuts, colors, or just styling, which is great! There were different options of which items were on the sheet, but I loved this combo of all the choices! 
I knew I HAD to have these stickers. They fit perfectly in boxes, and would be great for planning an especially busy day. There's a huge variety with these as well. 
And finally, the reason I found this shop and convinced myself I need stickers ;) these teeth stickers! I love them because they're simple and have room for writing! I bought them to label all of my future Invisalign appointments, as I just started! These were the absolute cutest teeth stickers available and I love them! 

I highly recommend this etsy shop! The variety and selection is amazing and the stickers are super high quality and matte. 

Would you guys like more sticker reviews like this? Or maybe to see how I use the stickers? Also, let me know if I should post an Invisalign blog!

Thanks for reading, loves!