Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Glitter Phone Cases!

Hey guys! I recently decided I wanted to revamp my phone and bought some accessories for it!

I first went to and bought a plain clear plastic phone case.  I got 3 for about $6 including shipping.  They took a while to get to me, but they were really cheap! Then I started getting everything else for it.

For this project you'll need:

  • ModPodge
  • Plain Phone Case, or something plastic to decorate
  • Glitter
  • Other Decorations
  • Sponge Brush
  • E6000, or another tough adhesive
  • [Optional: Nail Clippers]
This is a pretty cheap craft if you already have some of the supplies.

Make sure the surface is clean, then dab on ModPodge and add glitter to where you want it! I chose to do a striped design, so I did this four separate times.

 I dabbed the ModPodge on with a cheap sponge brush from Michael's.  They have them for very little money, and you can get several for $1.  You could use a regular brush but I don't recommend it.  It will destroy a regular brush. 
 I waited a little bit after each coat of glitter, then went back over each one with the same color.  To seal the glitter, go over it all with a coat of ModPodge. Just ModPodge.  This will take away a lot of the shine and glitz, but it's necessary to keep the glitter on! Once I sealed it with the ModPodge I then sprinkled on a bit more on top to maintain the sparkle! This way it will still be sparkly but won't lose all of it's glitter.
You can use this technique on anything plastic! I then did it to my dad's pill bottle. He was surprisingly pleased. 
 These are the buttons I used! Michael's has tons of these in different themes and designs! I chose to do a princess theme.
 The problem with these is that they have button holes on the bottom of them.  But they are easily taken off with nail clippers!
 These are some I found for my cousin.  Her baby shower theme was tractors!
I also got these for the same cousin, but for her daughter!

Once you snip off the back of the buttons, take E6000 and put a little on the back of the button.  Then put them where you want them and wait for them to dry.  Then your phone case is ready to go!
 I like this picture because of how sparkly it looks!
 This is a much clearer picture.
 Here's a snapchat I sent of my finished phone!
Here is a glitter design I did for my sister! It took a bit of time to do each stripe individually, but I think it was worth it.  It also isn't that involved, so you can do it while watching tv or something else!  Just dab on the ModPodge and sprinkle glitter into it.  

Thanks for reading!