Sunday, September 29, 2013

Influenster VoxBox: Colgate SlimSoft Review!

I'm never going back to my old toothbrush!!
Influenster SlimSoft VoxBox Review!

I received the Slim Soft Colgate VoxBox from Influenster completely complimentary.  They sent it to me to sample, and only ask for a review in return! If you are not a member of Influenster, I highly recommend it! You review products and gain influence, on your way to potentially earning VoxBoxes!  

I was sooo excited to have actually been eligible for a VoxBox!!! When I finally received it I brushed my teeth immediately.
Here are some pictures of the actual Vox Box. Ignore my weird bedspread! "Introducing Colgate Slim Soft.  17x Slimmer tip bristles for a deep clean!"

 One of the sides! "This scientifically advanced toothbrush provides: 6x deeper reach between teeth and gums, 1.5x deeper access between teeth, 35% more bristles for a unique mouth feel, and ergonomic and flexible handle."
 "Colgate SlimSoft."
 Then, after I had taken pictures of the box from every and all angles, I opened it! Here are some unboxing photos! 
 OOOOO! So many cool details with this toothbrush!
 Here's the toothbrush! At first, I was extremely skeptical that this tooth brush would really be any different from any other toothbrush.  It really was as amazing as it claimed.  Here is my review that I posted on the Colgate SlimSoft page:

      "I LOVE my Slim Soft Colgate toothbrush!! I didn't think it would actually be as different as it claimed but it WAS! It's bristles are very small and soft and you can brush for an hour and I don't think it would hurt then.  I always used "soft" toothbrushes and wondered why they were so rough.  This brush is perfect.  I brushed my teeth one night with it and forgot to brush the next teeth were still clean after eating and sleeping. It's gentle but super effective."

It really is a different brushing experience and I really do believe that everyone should give it a try.  Before receiving this box completely complimentary from Influenster, I was using a toothbrush I got in a pack from the dollar store.  Obviously it wasn't the best quality.  It claimed to be soft but nothing is as soft and effective as the SlimSoft!
Here is the tooth paste and mouthwash that came with the toothbrush as well.  I didn't think I liked the toothpaste at first.  Then I tried my old toothpaste. Turns out I really do like the Colgate paste! [I had been using Crest 3D White previously.]  With the Colgate Total paste, a little goes a long way! A tiny dab will foam up to be a perfect amount to brush your teeth! The mouthwash is a little intense for me, but I think that's also because I use too much.  The second time I tried it, I used less and it didn't burn and wasn't too intense! 

With these Colgate products, a little goes a long way, which is great for cost effectiveness! These little bottles will last me a long time, so you could imagine how great a full size would be! It would last forever!!

Overall, I give this box a 10/10.  It was all fantastic! There isn't a product in this box that I thought wasn't up to par.  They were all superior to the products I had been using previously, and I know I've switched for good! No more buying cheap toothbrushes that hurt and don't clean effectively.  This regime is awesome!!


P.S., Have you tried this system? How do you like it? Have you ever received a VoxBox? :]