Saturday, September 13, 2014

Benefit x Birchbox Beauty Bash!

Well hello my blogging beauties!

It's safe to say that after a long hiatus I am BACK.

I so desperately miss blogging and sharing my life and interests with complete strangers on the internet. ♥

{But let's not be strangers forever! Let's get to know each other!}

So, as a little update....this is the first September that I haven't been enrolled in classes. Kinda weird. I'm really enjoying the reduction in stress levels! I am still working at my medical billing job, and the office politics are as insane as ever, but I'm keeping my head up!

One thing that has really helped to motivate and inspire me lately is the Beauty Bash thrown by Benefit and Birchbox.  It started out as a contest with 1,000 winners, but has since been opened to 1,500.  We were all competing to be one of the 1,000, who would win a very special box full of samples of Benefit brand beauty necessities.  I entered, fully expecting to have no chance of winning this contest, but.


{Here's a picture from the Birchbox website showing everything hostesses are given to throw the party!}

I cannot believe it still! I feel so honored to have won a contest put on by two of my absolute favorite brands.  Benefit makes such high quality products and they always have the cutest advertising and packaging.  I've been subscribed to Birchbox for over a year now and love it. {Btw, their September box is on point! Expect a blog on that soon!} 

The box of samples is for the hostess and 5 of her closest gal pals! I cannot wait to share these samples with my girls! Half of them have tried Benefit products, the other half have not, so it should be a really good mix.  The hostess is supposed to throw a party the weekend of the 26th - 28th{National Wingwomen Weekend}, so we have just under 2 weeks! 

{Another picture of the samples from the Birchbox website!}

There is an extra contest within this contest, called Hostess with the Mostest.  The winner of this prize claims ALL of the Benefit products on Benefit's website, which is over $2,200 worth of amazingness. Obviously, I would just die if I was chosen! 

Anyways, I am just so excited to be participating! I have already bought a ton of party decorations and necessities and have already started crafting a ton!

Would you all be interested in me posting tutorials on what I have made so far? You can also check my Instagram for pictures of my decor! 

Cannot wait to update you guys! :]