Monday, June 16, 2014

Maleficent Themed Outfit!

If you saw Disney's new film Maleficent, you might just be as amazed and obsessed as I am!  I knew that I would love the movie, and decided to dress to the theme!

I took pictures to share with you all. :]

This is how I did my nails for the movie!  I chose a very pretty color of purple I received recently and did an accent nail with green glitter.  Then I drew Maleficent's horns on another finger nail.

To do the glitter nail I used "Nail Rock" which allows you to put sequins on your finger nails.

This is what is inside the kit, the sequins and the nail adhesive polish.

You apply the adhesive, then dip your finger into the glitter.

It's a bit messy, but really eye catching!

I then drew on the horns and added some lines to make them look more intricate and interesting!

Here is another picture that I flipped, so you could see the Maleficent!

I got this Maleficent t-shirt from, a website that sells one of a kind geeky t-shirts for cheap.  They only have them for a day, unless you get a random one in a grab bag, which is how I got this one!

I have actually gotten a lot of compliments on this shirt!

Here is another way you can do your nails, which is much simpler! I've really been feeling purple lately! [Ignore the fact that I hadn't cleaned them up for this picture!] 

Then, to round it all out, I made a Maleficent horn case!  I used glitter and some glue, and a bit of time!

I LOVE the way it sparkles!!! 
If you are interested in these phone cases, please visit my Etsy shop! 

Thank you so much for reading!!