Monday, May 26, 2014

My Last Undergrad Semester/Sorority Goodbyes/Formal

We're finally here.  We made it.  

My last semester of my undergraduate career.  

I graduate in 5 days.....

I may be going crazy.

I have been in school since I was four years old.  That's 18 years of education.  As my last semester comes to a close, I am left with so many feelings.  The first: relief.  I am quite done with school.  My whole life has been filled with lectures and exams.  & as so many of my peers are feeling, I too am battling senioritis.  All of the extra assignments my professors throw at me seem like literal attacks.  This semester has been one of my most challenging.  I honestly thought last semester was my most difficult, but I was wrong.  Spring 2014 has been very difficult and trying.  

I am also feeling quite a bit of sadness.  This was not just my last undergrad semester, but also my last semester as an active sister in Iota Delta Sorority.  I love my sorority and will miss seeing all of my sisters several times a week.  I am very glad that I can come back as an alum and still be part of the sisterhood.  I received two littles and a grandlittle this semester.  I am most sad about having to leave them before knowing them well.  I do feel very fortunate to be so close to them geographically and I know that I will see them often.

Here is a picture of my beloved Tiny Family, at our last ritual. 

Starting at the top right and moving clock-wise is my Big Alex, Auntie Jess, Grandlittle Karla, Little Carina, and myself.
 Only one of my littles was present for this.

Starting from the bottom and working up, my grandbig Ann, Big Alex, myself, Littles Carina and Alma, and grandlittle Karla. [My first little was not present].

5 Generations of perfection, after our Greek "Graduation"

My Big and I posing with our graduation caps.

Class of 2014♥.
This semester we also had our 26th annual Founder's Day Formal.  My big was in charge of last year's so we had very high expectations.

Our theme was 1920's Gatsby, and it lived up to it's name.

Here is a picture of my boyfriend Dave and I on the way to the hotel. ♥

A picture of my big and I posing in one of the mirror's in the bathroom.

I am including this picture to show her adoration for me!♥

& That's why we won Big and Little of the year, 2014!  We honestly really were hoping for this award. Her and I are completely inseparable.  We truly are a perfect match.  In our short time together, we have been through so many things, good and bad.  All of these things have helped us to become super close and thick as thieves. ♥

Our formal chair is also in charge of making senior pillows for those graduating.  Mine was spelled wrong, but is beautiful and actually goes with my bedding perfect!

Here is a picture of my first Little [or O.G. Little, as she's come to be known] at formal.  The even took place at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, California.  The venue was beautiful!  My dress was from a pin-up shop and was 1940-1950's style.  I did my hair in 1940's style victory rolls, and paired it with a handmade feather head piece and headband, in 1920's style.  Even though most of my outfit was not theme-perfect, I received a lot of compliments for dressing "to the theme".

This semester has been amazing.  No doubt I will be posting many more blogs about it.  Even though it has been so stressful, I know that my Bachelor's in Business Administration will make it all be worth it.♥


P.S. HUUUGE Congratulations to my biological younger sister who is graduating later today from High School!