Friday, May 2, 2014

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lipstick!

Here's yet another product from Influenster that I absolutely adore! 

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lipstick, in 447 Forever Fuchsia. ♥

It's such an amazingly bright color.  It really is forever fuchsia too. I tried it one night and woke up with it still on.  Which is actually pretty great!! I like to pair it with a lipgloss because I'm not a super big fan of the matte look.  It goes on like butter and feels amazing. 

 Ignore my bathroom here.....LOL but here is the lipstick with my favorite charm off my bracelet from my grandma. :]
 NYC Expert Last Lip Color in 447, Forever Fuchsia. 
Sooooo pinky! :] Beautiful color. 

I also really like that it has blue undertones.  Blue undertones help to make your teeth look whiter, which I'm all for.  This lipstick can be found online for just over $2. & it's actually really high quality.  I still kinda can't believe it.  But if you're looking for a new lipstick, you should really check theirs out! ♥


P.S. Have you ever used NYC? Which is your favorite product? :]