Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Go to a Sporting Event/the Races & Why you Should!

This will be kind of an odd/unnecessary/short post.

For Christmas 2013, I decided to out-do myself and all my prior Christmas presents to my family.  Money is just money, and I'd rather them have really cool gifts.  

For my dad this past year, I bought him tickets to all 4 days of Winternationals.  Winternationals are the drag races held in Pomona, California every February.  It's the start of the season.  Then, in November, the finals are held in the same place.  

My dad and I frequent these events because they are really fun and a great way to spend time together.  

Dad and I at the finals 2013

Not so sure when this one is from. I think it might have started raining.

Note my crazy hair and my dad's awesome shirt!

This one was taken at a NASCAR race, in March a few years back!

Right before we got rained out! Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

I often will have my dad pose in front of things for pictures.

I really enjoy it.

No, seriously, it's my favorite activity.

See the sun on our faces?

Friday, February 7, 2014.
I love these pictures! The way I presented this present to my dad was by filling a huge frame with construction paper and these photos. Then I gave him his tickets in a nice plastic folder for safe keeping.
 Now he has a cute wall decoration and a folder to hold his things in.

I think that going to events like NHRA drag races can be a great experience. You can find interests between yourself and others and go out and enjoy yourself.  It's really nice to get out of the house and go on an adventure sometimes, and it's easy to find inexpensive days to do such! For NHRA events, you can save $7-8 on ticket prices just by bringing in a Mello Yello can or bottle.  I bought my dad's tickets on the NHRA website for $130 total, including all four days.  You can save a lot this way!

Races are awesome ways to bond with your parents, significant others, friends, and other family! You learn more about each other and get to share in the excitement. 

Now on to the actual "How-to".

California usually has awesome weather to be outside in, but February and November tend to be really chilly.  We have made several mistakes with what we have taken before, but those days are long in our past.  

We now know what to take with us.  Bleachers hurt to sit on after a time.  It can get really really cold, and those bleachers will only make it worse.  You'll get hungry and thirsty. I highly recommend you take a backpack with you, and fill it with some key items!

In your backpack:

  1. Sunscreen, if necessary. Some events are hot and bright.
  2. Jackets. Trust me, you'll need them.  We've gone to events that start in the day and seem hot, only to find it freezing after dark.
  3. Sunglasses. It gets really bright! 
  4. Small Blanket. GREAT to keep you warm and keep the wind off of you. You can also sit on it if you need to!
  5. Seat Cushions. You REALLY need these, or something to substitute them with, like a small blanket or sweatshirt.
  6. Snacks. We like Cheez-its!
  7. Soda/Water.  It can get expensive buying snacks and drinks at events.  We've found that they don't care what you bring in, as long as it's not alcohol.
  8. Hand Sanitizer. Port-a-potty's, need I say more?
  9. Ear Plugs. If you're going to the races, you'll probably need these.  It can get VERY loud.  & even though I can handle it without them, I like to use them to protect my ears. 
On your person:
  1. Layers, layers, layers! You will seriously high five yourself!
I'll definitely add to these lists if I think of more things you'd need to bring!

That being said, have fun at the Drags! :] ♥
My dad was SO excited he wrote it down in his calendar the day he got it.

This is what the tickets look like if you buy them online.

Pomona Fairplex.

Please let me know if you have any tip/tricks  to going to events, and what your family likes to do together!

 ♥ Riley