Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big & Little Season

The excitement is in the air! You can feel it building in all of the members, initiated and new.  Big and Little season is almost upon us once more.  

All of the girls have smiles on their faces and attendance is nearly perfect.

With each class of new members brings a new outlook on sorority, an excitement.  

This semester, my sorority has the Beta Beta pledge class.  We are all so excited for them to go through our process and grow to love the sorority as much as we all do. 

In this group of young college girls, are leaders. They all have the potential to get where they want to be and we are just the organization to assist them.

The most important assistance they will receive through these six weeks, and the rest of their life, is their Big Sis. You all have heard me talk about [praise and fawn] my big sis before.  I think she is an amazing young woman.  She really is going places and I cannot wait to sit passenger to her journey.  She's driven, hardworking, and smart.  There's not a thing in this world she could not accomplish.

I hope that I have been able to provide valuable guidance for my little.  I love her dearly and missed her sooo much during her semester abroad to Cheltenham, England.  She too is an amazing woman.  She's so open and friendly, but holds herself high.  

This picture, while completely unflattering of me, is of my entire sorority [minus a few] and our new member class.  In this picture might stand a new little, or grandlittle.  Someone new to love in my Tiny Family line.  

Even though I am a graduating senior, I have decided that I would love to have another little one.  We shall see if the Big/Lil gods favor me, but for now I will just sit and wish. :]  I already have one perfect little, who makes me smile everyday. & I am so proud of her for deciding that she would like a little sis.  

Whether or not we get new additions to our family, my line is already perfect, and going strong.  With this being said, I am feeling many things.  I think the best word to describe it is that I am nesting.  I feel like I need to make stuff for my new potential little/grandlittle.  I've already broken out all of my glitter and bought way too many new craft supplies.  

I will keep this blog posted on this, as well as posting some ideas for Big and Little crafts, old and new.  

Can't you just feel the excitement?

P.S. If you are feeling any of these emotions, I would LOVE to hear from you! :)