Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Influenster's Dessange Vox Box

Hello All! 

I got another Influenster VoxBox!  This time the products sent to me for testing purposes were from Dessange Paris!

They sent me the California Blonde collection, which included a shampoo, a conditioner, and a CC cream, which was meant to help with color correction.

To be honest when I first got this box I had doubts.  I've gotten hair care product samples in boxes like these before and they are pretty hit or miss.

Also, since I've started coloring my hair again, I don't want to mistreat it anymore than I already am.  Just because a product is "color safe" doesn't mean it's actually good for the hair.  

The outside of the box wasn't too special, but this is what the inside looked like!

Here are the products I received!  Illuminating Shampoo, Illuminating Conditioner, and Brass Color Correction Creme.

The bottle for the shampoo reads, "This brightening shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair to enhance shine, color radiance and softness."

"This ultra-nourishing conditioner wraps hair with moisture from root to tip, smoothing and taming dry, unruly strands."

"A weekly in-shower treatment formulated with Linseed oil and blue pigments to neutralize brassiness and nourish the hair."

This is the CC creme out of the box.  The bottle is super odd, but I quite like it!  I think the opening of mine might be broken but it still works fine, it just doesn't seem like that's how they would want it to work.  

I have never seen a blue color corrector before.  It's kinda fun to use in the shower though! It makes everything blue which is really interesting.  I don't usually use color correctors.  My hairdresser tells me that I'm lucky because my hair doesn't get brassy, so this is a product I wouldn't usually buy.

I've had products before with passion flower extracts and really liked them, so I hoped that I would like these!

The first time I used these products, I was really unsure about the smell.  I didn't really care for it and thought it was strange.  The second time I used it I actually liked the smell quite a bit.

I like the feeling of these products in my hair! After my showers my hair is very clean feeling and I really like the color of my blonde.  I am actually really happy that I received these products for testing purposes.  They make my hair feel really nice and I like the smell.  The bottles are pretty as well!

I would rate this voxbox 5/5!  I loved the products I received and would recommend them to others!

I do have one concern however.  The insert in the box makes it sound like I should have received 4 products instead of 3.  I did not receive the "Illuminating Elixir".  This is fine, but it just seems like it should have been in there.

This was before I went to NASCAR!

I don't know if I'll repurchase these in the future yet, as I haven't been using them very long, but for the time being they are my preferred hair regimen!


P.S. Interested in joining Influenster?  You should! I receive products for testing at not cost to me, all of the time! Send me your email and I'll invite you! :]