Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Sorority: Discovering IΔ

I never thought I would actually be part of a sorority.  I always wanted to be, but I didn't think it would happen.  I'm nerdy, lack self-confidence, and don't normally have too many friends.  I've never really been a "popular" type kid.  Never the prettiest or the best at anything.  But I have always been me. 

Last fall I transferred from Mt. San Antonio College, which is a junior college, to the University of La Verne, my dream school.  ULV is a tiny little college in a tiny little city.  Even though it is small, it has four different sororities on campus.  All four of them are very different.  I attended three out of the four's recruitments hoping to find my place at ULV.  I found that I really didn't fit in at two of the sororities and almost had given up when I found the third.  Iota Delta had some of the prettiest girls I had seen around campus, but more importantly, I had seen them.  It seemed like the I-Delts were everywhere on campus, always smiling and having fun as they ran the school.  

Everyone in their organization was so nice to me I thought, "Oh man, they must all hate me."  But it turns out it wasn't that way at all.  I looked around the room and saw uniqueness.  They were all so different, but similar at the same time.  They were quiet and loud, tall and short, outspoken and shy.  I figured something great had to have brought such differences together.  

I couldn't believe it when I got my bid.  My heart wouldn't let me.  I couldn't believe that they actually wanted me.  I said yes in a heartbeat. 

It was once I began my new membership process that I realized what brought all these amazingly unique girls together: their core values.  Seven in number, they define each of us equally.  We're a local sorority, and we have such high standards because we prefer quality over quantity.

I am so glad that I met all of these wonderful women.  They are all amazing, each and every one of them.

 Beautiful ladies at our annual Bowl for Breath philanthropy event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
 A more recent picture of our entire sorority.
Me in my letters! In Iota Delta, we earn our letters, and we are more proud of them than any others.
My pledge class after our initiation. Love each and every one of these girls to pieces.
 A picture of my Tiny family!
 Another Tiny Fam picture.

I love IΔ.
Even though I have only been a member a little while, I have learned so much.
There is so much love and support carried with those two little letters.
Alpha Psi Pledge Class
Each and everyone of these girls has my back, and I have theirs.



P.S. I'm thinking about making this a series of posts about my sorority. Thoughts? Are you in greek life?