Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recent Projects Pt. 2

 This Minnie Mouse cup was actually a Christmas present.  I drew a stencil on paper and applied it to the cup with sharpie.
 Wrote a cute quote on the back in Sharpie.

Then decided to color it in instead. I like the final product but I think if I did it again it would be in paint instead of Sharpie.

I went Pinterest wreath crazy this last Christmas. This is my take on the spoon wreath.  I used a foam board base.

Once all the spoons were on.  Take my advice, don't use "sturdy" spoons thinking it will be stronger. Use the cheapest ones you can find! You can cut cheap ones with scissors.  These had to be cut with pliers. 
We painted it blue and added a mirror.  With the exception of the cutting of these impossible spoons, suuuuper easy craft.
Second wreath, the book page chrysanthemum.  We went to the thrift store and got books of the same size and aging.  Then we tore them apart and rolled and stapled them.  This took forever.
Me with the completed book page wreath.

Giving the wreath to my grandmother, Christmas 2012.