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Oddish Plushies! $1 Craft

Hi Guys!

This time I decided to make an Oddish plushie! Oddish was always one of my favorites! He was so little and cute, I couldn't help but love him forever.  

Without further ado, Oddish Plush!
[Updated 3/3/2014, This is now how I make my Oddishes]
This plush requires two different colors of felt, a needle, thread, paint, and stuffing.  Assuming that you already own a needle, thread, and paint, it will cost you less than $1

 First cut out a pattern! This is also me really excited about my new scissors my grandma got me! ^-^
I used this Oddish as an example of what I wanted the body to look like!
Here is the link to the picture:
Here's the link to the artist's deviantart!
 I used the pattern as a very rough example of what I wanted and assumed about 1/4 of an inch seam allowance [a fancy term I've read on some sewing posts].  I'm going to be sewing a seam 1/4 of an inch inward and flipping it inside out.
 Two pieces cut! Ignore the Disneyland parking permits, I was using my binder as a surface.
 Make some leaf shapes on a green piece of felt. 
I didn't cut them out at this point because I was unsure of the size. You will also need two ovals for feet in the same shade as the body!
 I had trouble making knots for the longest time....but I found a pin on Pinterest that really helped! 
Here is the link to her instructions: Hopefully you guys find them helpful too!
 What the knot looks like on the other side.
 Not sure why I took this picture? I think I'm trying to show that I'm doing a running stitch.

 Ignore how awful I am at this! I'm still learning. :]
 Leave some unsewn so that you can flip it inside out and stuff.

Oh! And sew on the feet! I highly recommend you do this before you sew the body together.
Sew your oddish closed using the hidden stitch! I learned from this tutorial on Pinterest:
Then cut out the leaves! Then decide where you want them. He looks a bit like a pineapple here!
 Decided I liked it this way better.  But decide how you like your leaves! I used five leaves but you could have a different number if you'd like!
 Sewed these leaves on using the invisible stitch I mentioned earlier! Not sure if it was the best way, but you can't see the stitches and they hold on just fine!
 Add some more leaves! I alternated the ways they faced to add some dimension.
 A top view of what they looked like!
This is what mine looked like with all five leaves attached to it. Ready for paint!
 & the back of him with the leaves.
 Don't use the marker I did. My hands were so stained from it!
 Paint on red eyes!
 & a mouth! Using a dark pink.
 Then I used a small bit of a lighter pink for the tongue! Add a dot of white to each eye for a shine and then outline the mouth and eyes with black to help make them stand out!
 I then started painting lines down the center of the leaves to look more like Oddish.
 Painting! I find that it comes out the best when I use a very tiny detail brush like the one pictured.
 Here are all the paints I used.  Two kinds of pink [both Tulip fabric paints], red paint [it is puffy, but I squirted it on my binder and used it with a paint brush], a white and a black.
I literally squirted it on my binder. It'll come right off!
 Ta-da! I hope you like this post on how to make an Oddish of your very own!
 All completed!
Thank you from my growing family of Pokemon Plushies! Tutorials for all of these are on my blog! :]

♥ Riley

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  1. Hi, I'd like to thank you for all your felt tutorials thanks to which I made amazing Xmas gifts this year :) love from France! Emilia