Monday, August 5, 2013

Pusheen Inspired Kitty Plushies

For my next batch of plushies I was inspired by the cutest cartoon cat, Pusheen, seen below.  

First thing I did was make a pattern and trace it onto felt.  I always clean it up a bit while I'm cutting it out as well.  I made a few in pink as a birthday present for one of my close friends.  
After I cut them out I put stripes on their back in a different color.  I pinned them so that it would be easy to sew them on.  Be careful to not sew straight through the cat but instead just one side at a time.

This is what it looked like while I was sewing them on.  I removed the pins as I went along.
Then I started a blanket stitch around the outside in a white embroidery floss. I bought pink embroidery floss to match but of course couldn't find it when I needed it!  

Then I had these three faceless pusheens.  I haven't stuffed them or given them faces yet. 
I did try out some potential faces though.  This was my first attempt. Kind of frightening.
I didn't want to do anything permanent so I cut out two pieces of felt for eyes and puff painted a mouth on an extra piece of felt.  
And another. 

These are the faces I ended up doing.  Decided to do them entirely just puff paint.  
I used a verrrry small paint brush to get the little details done and to round out the eyes a bit.

I'm going to add some magenta stripes to the lighter Pusheen once I get my magenta puff paint, but this is what it looks like stuffed.

 This kitty is fully done the way it is!

Thanks for reading! :]

Update: I have added the magenta stripes to the lighter Pusheen.  It now lives with my friend Loren! She said she wanted a pink plush cat for her birthday, but I couldn't help but make a matching one for myself!