Monday, August 5, 2013

Recent Projects

Here are some crafts I've been up to for the past couple months.  If you would like a tutorial on how to make them please let me know! :]

It's baby shower and birthday season around here and I've been crafting like crazy to keep up. 
This is the present I've made for Colton Shane, my newest nephew.  The details haven't been filled in yet, but he hasn't been born yet! 
This is what it looked like before the puff paint.  They went for a Caterpillar Tractor theme.  I think a regular caterpillar would've been easier to find however! I went with this gender neutral safari theme because it's one of my favorites and I had no luck with finding tractors.

This is the one I made for their first child, Olivia.  It was surprisingly difficult to write on the lady bug paper, and surprising difficult to read too.  
The same, without writing.  I took canvas and painted them, then mod-podged a stenciled piece of paper on top.  I made the bow too, but the other parts were all from Michael's.  Her theme has always been lady bugs, but she recently fell in love with elephants so I borrowed the elephant from the safari sheet and used E-6000 to stick it on.

I am in a sorority and recently it was my big sis's birthday.  Our sorority isn't crazy into drinking or anything but it was her 21st birthday and so I had to make it special, don't hold it against me. :p 

Basket with a nice martini glass, puff-painted sippie cup, 8 mini bottles of alcohol, aspirin, gatorade, and mouth wash.  It'll probably take her forever to finish it!  This was a relatively inexpensive basket to make, and I think it turned out very cute!

Then I had the idea to make my dog [the one from the Hijabi post] a plushy too since he loved that one so much. 
Buuuut my boyfriend stole it, as he LOVES dinosaurs, so I need to make him something still!
This one wasn't a present for anyone.  I have always loved Pokémon and Dragonair has always been one of my favorites!! I decided to make one on a tote bag out of those decorative garden beads! I love the result.  I've since done some flowers in the same style.

For Father's Day I made my dad a wooden box with a painting of Jasper on it, as well as some inside jokes.

 The entire top.  No, I don't really call my dad by his first name, but him and my cousin call each other "Dumb Ol'" and "Smart Ol'" and that seemed like a good enough idea to me!

 This is a close up on the Jasper painting part of the top.  I was worried about painting him because he's so black and hard to show dimension in.  I ended up putting silver [my favorite paint] in it to look shiny as well as give dimension.

 This would be a hard inside joke to explain, but yes I painted porkchops [I'm a]  around the exterior of the box.