Saturday, January 4, 2014

Decoden Style Phone Cases! : Christmas Cookie!

My new obsession: Decoden!!

Or old obsession, rather, but I just recently started to try it myself!

I decided to make a holiday phone case using Decoden styled decorations.

All in all this craft was a little more expensive than most of the others I show on my blog, but it's really fun and the result is amazing!

You will need: 
So in total this cost me about $10, since I already had tape and a frosting tip.

Before I started with the actual decorating, I positioned the buttons I wanted onto the phone case, to get an idea.  I used all the pieces in one package of buttons from Michael's. 

Here is just about everything I needed for this craft.  Kwik Seal, a phone case, tape, a caake decorating tip, and buttons.  

The next step is to tape on the frosting tip.  Take the cap off the caulking and snip the tip off with a pair of scissors.  Then tape on the tip to the caulking with either scotch tape or duct tape.  Just make sure that it is sealed entirely.
Before I did my case I practiced a couple methods of dispersing the caulking. This is a little hard to describe without showing a person, but you squeeze the caulking out of the tube while moving the tip.  The top design on the box was squeezing it out in a swirl motion.  The middle portion is moving it around in a swirl and continuing the swirl around.  The bottom is just squeezing it out straight.  
Then I started squeezing it out onto the phone case.  I swirled on one line and then stopped.  Then, I started swirling them on the next row.  

I messed up a little bit, but it was my first attempt!  I swirled the entire case, starting from the line shown in the previous picture, down.  Then I used smaller individual squeezes for the top portion, which is why it is so pointy.  
Then I started putting on the buttons.  I liked the cookie cutter ones because they were festive and Christmassy and went along with the cake looking Decoden style.
Here you can see some holes in the design, that I filled in later by swirling the tip around.

Here is a side view of the phone case.  I ended up stamping the sides of the case with more caulking for a more finished look.
This is what the case looked like once I put on all of the buttons from the package.  It had a surprising amount of buttons in it! 
Then I squeezed some of the caulking onto the front portion of the case.  I was going to mod podge silver glitter to the front portion, but decided to just do it in the caulking.  
Here is a close up of the detail, not sure why it came out a little yellow in the picture.  I used white caulking to keep it fresh looking.

This was the snapchat I ended up sending to my friends to show the finished result.  I love the way it turned out, even with its imperfections! 

I then did a picture frame for my boyfriend's mom.  

 I used a similar style to make this frame.  This frame required two packages of buttons, one with bears and one with dogs.  
 Here is another picture of the frame in a different light.  

I used a little bit of transparent glitter, while it was still wet to make it stay. 

Thank you for reading this post! It was a lot of fun to make, and you could use it with any style or holiday. 


P.S. If you try this, I'd love to see! :]