Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day!: Cookie Valentine Pockets ♥

Here is another quick and easy craft, just in time for Valentine's Day!♥

For this craft, you'll need: 
  • Two or more colors of felt, 25-33 cents each
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks, or another kind of glue
  • Puff Paint or other paint in a couple colors choices
All together this craft should cost you less than $1!!

 Cut out a good sized heart out of paper for your pattern.  Place the paper on biscuit colored felt and trace two hearts. This is how much of the felt sheet my biscuit pieces took up.
 A closer picture of the hearts traced on the felt.
 Then I cut out a smaller paper heart with rigged edges to look like frosting.
 You can see here, I drew a heart and then drew wavy lines around it to make it look more symmetrical.
 Here is what you should have by this point. Two biscuit heart pieces and one icing heart piece.
 Hot glue gun the pink to one of the biscuit pieces so that there are no holes.  Another way to do this would be to only glue the bottom of the heart so that it could be a pocket.
 Then glue the bottom edges of the biscuit hearts together, so that it forms a pocket.
 Here you can see that it is a pocket.
 This is what the edge looked like.  I hot glued the edges together, to save time but still make it cute.  You could also sew this all together.  Another way to do this would be to glue or sew all around the biscuit hearts and stuff them, then leave the frosting as a cute little pocket. 
 Then add some decorations! I put little blue sprinkles on using deep turquoise puffy paint.
Then I added little pink dots to add some more dimension to the heart!

Thank you for reading! I would love to see if you made a biscuit heart pocket like this! 


P.S. I think this would be a really cute way to give candy or a note to your Valentine! Send me a picture if you make this craft and show me what you put in your pocket! :]