Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY Glitter Ocean Chevron Themed Phone Cases!

DIY Glitter Ocean Chevron Themed Phone cases!
It's so much more beautiful in person, but hard to photograph!

What you will need for the Chevron Print:
  • A Plain Phone Case, Plastic Preferred, $~2 on Amazon
  • Glitter in a Couple Different Shades, Any Craft Store
  • Mod Podge, Craft Stores/WalMart
  • Electrician's Tape or Any Other Non-Sticky Adhesive
  • Foam Brush or a Throw Away Brush
For the 3-D Elements you will need:
  • Sea Shell and Bubble Buttons, $2-4 a Pack at Michael's, I Used Parts of 3
  • Any Other Decoration
  • Rope for a Bow, I Already Had Some on Hand
  • E-6000, Hot Glue, or Another Strong Adhesive
  • Nail Clippers

"Tiny Seashells" and "Bubbles" from Dress It Up, found at Michael's
"Seashells at the Seashore" from Dress It Up.  I chose to use plastic seashells for durability.
Here are some of my glitters I thought about using.  The teal and blue in the fat containers are the ones I ended up using, and are found in a set of 12 at Michael's.  I used a 40% off coupon and they were around $5-6 I think.  

The long skinny containers are from Walmart and were much less in price.  They are much chunkier.

The ones in the little baggies are from the Dollar Tree. 

The gunmetal glitter in the big ziploc is from Hobby Lobby.
I first tried to figure out how I wanted to use the bubbles.  When I bought the buttons I had no idea how I was going to use them.  I thought it would be cute to focus them around the top of the phone, where the camera and speaker are!
These are all of my buttons laid out.  To get them to stick to the case, you have to clip the backs of them off of the buttons.  The little semi-circles in the box are what the backs look like after they had been clipped off.  I have found that nail clippers work the best for taking these off, thanks to a suggestion from my dad!
Then I got to work on a stencil for the chevron print.  Electrician's tape isn't very sticky and leaves no residue, so I used it.  I took cardstock and drew a little chevron print.  I measured it out but I don't quite remember my measurements. I just wanted it to be very uniform.  Then I took electrician's tape and covered the card stock.  I cut the excess off, so that the points were cut. 
This is what my measurements looked like on the front. 
After I had cut out the points, I put a strip of Electrician's tape over the other tape.  This way, I could peel it off itself, and not touch the tape on the paper.  It shreds the paper if you peel it off.
Then I cut the excess black tape off and peeled it off.
I put it on the case where I wanted to protect it.  I centered it the way I wanted so that I could add Mod Podge.
This makes a pretty good stencil, but I'm sure there are other ways too! I might have made it sound complicated, but it really wasn't.  I had to replace my tape a couple times, because glitter would get stuck to it.
These are the supplies I needed for the next part.
Dab the Mod Podge on generously.  Don't drown it, but make sure it's covered well.
Add the glitter! I used a translucent kind of white shade, that I would probably describe as snow colored, for the top.  I let it dry for a minute and shook of the excess.  Then I dabbed on more Mod Podge and gave it a second coat.  This is the easiest time to give it a second coat, before all the other layers have been applied.
Decide how large you want your second stripe to be, and secure your stencil.  Then repeat dabbing on the Mod Podge and sprinkling on the glitter. 
This is how I ended up doing mine!  It's very different than what I first wanted to do, but I like it so much better!  The glitter had not fully dried for any of the layers before I would go on to the next.  I was impatient!  The only problem with this is that it's still a little squishy and easy to mess up, so be careful :]

I used E-6000 to secure the bubbles where I wanted them, around the top.  Then I used it to secure the seashells.  I started with the bottom shells, then attached the other seashells where I wanted them.

It took me a couple tries of moving them around to get them where I wanted.  I remembered I had beachy looking rope and tied a little bow with it.  I used E-6000 for this too, which surprised me.  I thought I might have to use hot glue, but the E-6000 worked great!

 These were taken very early in the morning by whatever possessed me to make this phone case so late in the night!  This craft took me a couple of hours to do, but I love the way it turned out! There is a lot of glitter fall out, but I don't mind.  If you don't want yours to do that, dab on Mod Podge over the finished piece.  It won't be as sparkly, but you won't lose much glitter.
The snapchat I sent out once I had finished it! Ignore me.

I loved doing this phone case! Please let me know if you make one like it or completely different!

P.S. I'm considering making phone cases for my Etsy store.  Any thoughts on price or variations of my design? Thanks! ♥